Commerford Nieder Perkins, LLC

After a year and a half of development and creation, in 2011 we released our new software and installed it in our first town.

Our staff & development team have worked very hard to create a software that is easy for both the assessors and town staff to use.

Much time and effort was put into creating a propety record card that is detailed and easy to read.  
            Property Record Card- Front Property Record Card- back

Additional effort was put in to make sure the current use rating system was not only easy to enter and modify, but clearly defined on the property record card.

Being a NH based software, this system will easily adapt to changes in NH laws.

Our CAMA system easily exports assessing data to Muni-Smart and the bridge to BMSI will be completed soon.

The reporting feature includes a list of commonly used reports, such as
 MS-1 reporting, sales information, pickups, value lists, inventory forms, lables and more.  It is also easy to create user definable reports that can be printed or exported to Excel, Word or PDF.
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